Women, of course, are conditioned not to admit to carrying out any sort of sex, specifically one including pleasure at the expenditure of procreation. Even more outré, more undesirable, is for women to confess to desiring such activity performed on them. Talking a woman into administering foreplay appears to be one thing, completely appropriate to most guys.

When Diane Hartman’s other half informs her that belching and swearing aren’t ladylike, she replies, ” Neither is a blow job, but you do not complain about that …”

But for a female to require mutual treatment? Ask a male to decrease on her? It’s adequate to make you laugh. It’s also enough to cause a whole sub-category of women’s sexual humour. There are scores of cunnilingus jokes told by women to other women, with the underlying understanding that men simply don’t comprehend. Whatever the factor, it is an oddly pervasive category of the joke.

Listen to and read the other articles in our blog. One of her characters recommends, “Instead of prenuptial contracts, you could urge paranoid customers to make love agreements. The groom gives up all claim to his other half’s body if cunnilingus is not carried out on the wedding night.”

If your man wishes to kiss and lick you down there

Our author suggests that if you discover a man who likes to go down on you, Treat him well. Feed him caviar and expensive brandy, and don’t let your sweethearts see him.

If a female had designed it, she would not have actually made it breathe. She would have put little tongues in there or something. The women in the audience laugh, screech, bang the table in acknowledgement. They would not believe that she said this so loud.

A joke included on our blog is a revision of an old fairytale. Little red hoody girl goes out into the dark forest, nevertheless, this time having a pistol hidden in her package with food, and she is ready for action. The wolf follows her into the woods and grabs her from behind. “Now that I’ve got you, I’m going to fuck you till dawn,” he roars. The little red hood lady pulls out the handgun, holds it to his head, and reveals calmly, No you’re not. You’re going to consume me as the story said. This joke is maybe one of the jokes I’ve learned that puts the woman in the fully confident position, needing foreplay with added dangers of intensity.

Jokes about blowing and licking

Such joking remarks are instilled through women’s daily conversation, of course. When one lady, who had actually recently decided that she was gay rather than bisexual, was setting up a straight good friend of hers with an old partner, the good friend, pleased, searched for and said, Oh, and if he was your boyfriend, you need to have trained him correctly! How marvellous!

Male jokes about cunnilingus are tedious repetitions worrying saltiness and pain, enhancing the concept of the male’s unwillingness to perform this action. It is not a surprise, then, that Stillman should suggest making cunnilingus part of the contract – till that time, however, joking about it may help to make women’s desires public without making anyone feel too severely about it. Similar to some other sticky topics, presenting the concept through humour may increase the possibility of modification.

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